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Lord, for every blame I put on
for every step I take away from you
I just want You to know
that I learn from that.

Thanks for believing in me.
Thanks for letting me learn everything from You although I've tried to leave.

Thanks for giving a mark on me so that nobody can hurt me, although again...
I've tried to run away from you.

Thanks for being there and making sure I have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to live.

Thanks for being the shelter everytime universe disagrees with me.
Thanks for accepting my snapper, lash, and all of my pesky words.

I love You and thanks for making me love myself more.

Lord, i owe You everything.
I spend my time to pray for making everyone proud of me, but You
and I am sorry for that.

I'm sorry because I was scared to go back.
I'm sorry because I was scared I won't be able to acknowledge Your words.
I'm sorry because I was too embarassed to come to Your place.
I'm sorry because I thought I was alone.

I was scared of ev…

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