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I've been feeling really  down lately (supriseeeeee!)
I know... holiday, family, fun times, malang, BALI how?
Me too... Most of the time, I do wonder why.
It always seems like I know it's coming but I just shrug it off thinking that its just some little things that won't affect me (or it is just me being hard on myself as usual) and suddenly I just keep having a bad day and too much of the bad thoughts afterwards... more... more... more... then I reach the point where sadness, guilt, shame just overcome me.. WHOOOHOOOOO fun times.
You know. I've always been hard on myself- a little bit too hard, maybe?
One thing ticked off from my to-do list, then I'll start going crazy, ready to whoop my own ass.
I meant, really ngel? you can't do that ? Everyone is building their life out there, getting a scholarship, ready to move in to their apartment in New York, getting their nails done, write a book.... and you cannot fucking finish a book with the same 24 hours as…

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